Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Yesterday's Outfit:

Sheer shirt: £8, primark
Bralet: £3, topshop (sale)
Skirt: £7.99, H&M 
Tights: £3, primark 
Satchel: £6, primark 
Well, worst blogger of the week award definitely has to go to me! So sorry everyone, I started work last thursday and i've been there pretty much 24/7 since. And when i'm not there, i've been either at GCSE results parties or trying to find clothes for school, which seems to be the hardest task ever this year! Today's been my only free day (i'm at work 5-10 though) so i nipped into town earlier to search the charity shops and got a couple of things i'll show you later! I was meant to wear this to a party last night, but it kinda reminded me of the whole 'school girl' thing, which put me off so i changed my t-shirt to a guns 'n' roses one last minute. I didn't have time to take photo's though, so i thought i'd show you these anyway. 
School starts again on monday after about 3 and a half months of holidays, so that's definitely going to be a shock to the system! Although, i'm getting used to waking up at 7:30 because of work, so at least i won't look as tired as everyone else in the morning! Speaking of school, i got A's in both art and graphics so i'm dead chuffed about that. I hope everyone who was collecting A-level and GCSE results got what they wanted! xo


  1. Love the outfit and congrats on the GCSE results! x

  2. Absolutely LOVE this outfit! Reminds me of school girl too... so glad I don't have to wear uniform ever again! I definately got the results I wanted, glad you did too!

    Carly x

  3. This outfit is lovely :). I think the tights and the bralet stop it being too school girly. Congratulations on getting the results you want!x

  4. This outfit is so beautifully simplistic. Lovely.

  5. I love your style! follow you:)