Sunday, 21 August 2011

Recent Purchases:

£3, charity shop

£19.99, H&M

£3, matalan

Just showing you some bits i've picked up recently and not had time to show you guys. These trousers are so perfect, they're an 8 and they fit me so well! (i'm about a size 12, i'm 5"9 and have really long legs so 8's are usually at my ankles). I didn't think a photo of them laid on the bed did them justice so i had to try them on to show you. 
Also, i'm going to cut this skirt to the length it is in the 2nd photo, as the longer length just doesn't suit me. I've always thought long skirts suit curvier, shorter people for some reason, i just think they look more proportional in them whereas i just look a bit stupid! I don't want it ridiculously short like the rest of my skirts though, i think if it reached me knee's it'd still look quite dignified. 
Oh, and this skirt was just a spur of the moment buy earlier when i went to matalan for underwear shopping (needed white bra's for wearing shirts at 6th form, how boring!). I'm a sucker for anything aztec print or similar, and only £3! 


  1. love those trousers!

  2. The trousers look great on! I love the print on the skirt too :) xx

  3. I love the charity shop skirt, what a great find :D xx

  4. Love those trousers, they look great! x

  5. nice purchases
    what a great skirt!