Saturday, 20 August 2011

I have no photo's to go with this post, so you can have a photo of my face. This is what happens if you put your sunglasses lens in front of your camera lens. How cool? 
Anyway, wednesday i got the call from asda to confirm i'd got the job, which was absolutely brilliant news! My introduction days are thursday and friday, which kinda sucks as it means my mum's gunna have to collect my GCSE results as i'll be at work, but it's worth it! 
Yesterday my boyfriend went on holiday (again!) so i'm a bit lost for this week, but i've managed to makes loads of plans with my girls, which just means i don't have much time for outfit photo's some days so sorry for being so absent! 
Also, i was talking to a girl who volunteers at a local charity shop and she owns an online vintage clothing site and facebook , with all clothes priced really cheap to say they are all vintage pieces. I'm hoping to take part in a fashion show to show off the clothes in November so it'd be great if you could check her shop out! (UK shipping only, sorry!) 

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  1. That's pretty cool, definitely going to have to try out the sunglasses thing, and the shop is great! I've already got in contact to buy something :D