Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Today's Outfit:

T-shirt: £5, H&M
Shorts: £15, topshop
Duffle bag: £5, primark
Today i went to meadowhall, school shopping with my mum. I managed to find a skirt just like what i had in mind from H&M, which i'm really chuffed about, and i got some black loafers from primark as they were only a tenner. I also kinda got distracted from school shopping and got quite a lot of cheap little casual bits for snuggling up in as well. I'll show you them tomorrow if i get the chance. My 2nd interview for asda's at 3, then i'm going out for a meal with my boyfriend and his family that night! The weather was awful today (meadowhall's an indoor shopping centre, hence why it was ok to wear short shorts), and with all the autumn/winter stock in stores, it's just really getting me in the mood for winter weather, snuggling up with the fire on and lot's of warm layers! Hopefully next time i post i'll have had a successful interview and be a soon to be employee of asda! One can only hope. Hope you've all had a lovely day xo