Thursday, 4 April 2013

04.04.2013, outfit of the day

tee: £10, topshop 
skirt: £3, charity/DIY
jacket: £4, charity
satchel: £6, primark 
earring: gift 
Hello! this is just an outfit I chucked on today to have a look round the charity shops, managed to get some nice floral high waisted trousers for summer for £3 then a pastel coloured leather jacket from primark for only £10 so i'll try and post them tomorrow, definitely getting very excited for summer fashion atm, i spend pretty much all my spend time trying on outfits in my room and prancing about pretending it's summer, please tell me i'm not the only one..? 
Anyway, i quite liked this outfit, it seemed quite dressed down yet classy at the same time, but that might just be because most girls in my town enjoy fake tan, cellulite and 'hotpants' way too much that i felt classy compared to them, either way the guy in starbucks drew a heart on my cup so surely thats a good sign haha? 
I'm going to the seaside tomorrow before a weekend at work so i'm hoping the sun makes a surprise appearance!  

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

02.04.2013, outfit of the day

tee: £1, charity/DIY 
dress (worn as skirt): £7.99, H&M
satchel: £6, primark 
unicorn earrings: £1.50, topshop sale 
Ok, i'm just going to be honest, the reason i haven't posted in so long is because i couldn't be bothered to tidy my room and therefore i didn't really have anywhere to take photos. That combined with absolutely no motivation to do anything (like seriously anything) the past few weeks has meant my blog has once again got abandoned. I'm just no good at this! 
Buy anyway, i wore this just for errands and then casual food yesterday. I've been wearing my hair like this quite often recently, again just out of sheer laziness (i blame the weather for it), and i do quite like it. I've always kinda had a phobia of getting my forehead completely out in public but i'm kinda embracing it now! 
I also cut loads of tshirts up this weekend (this one included) so now it feels like i have a whole new wardrobe and i haven't had to spend a penny, success! xo