Thursday, 31 May 2012

31.05.12 -outfit of the day

jacket: £30, zara (via ebay)
tee: £15, ark
skirt: £1, charity
satchel: £6, primark
shoes: £8, new look 

HOLLAAAAA! My last exam was tuesday (which also turned out to be my birthday) therefore i am now a free lady and can finally show all you fabulous people what i've been wearing! 
I'm tempted to do a 'recent purchases' post soon, but honestly i've bought that much recently that it'd be ridiculous! So i figured i'd just show you all the new stuff through outfits :) (all of the above is new, other than the bag and shoes!) But anyway, i'm absolutely loving the midi and maxi trends at the moment, and i am fully embracing them, regardless of the weather conditions (aka. although it was peeing it down all day today, i still wore a floaty summer skirt), but they really are lovely for summer! Much nicer than the usual shorts/pants i usually spend my summers in, much more comfortable, and keep me much cooler! 
Anyway, i'll be sure to post again soon, we're having a curry night at my friends tonight, so i'll have to get some quick snaps of my outfit before i go! xo

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

02.05.12 -art work

Just letting you all know, do not panic, I am still alive. Ever so sorry about not blogging in forever, it's 16 days until my first exam and i'm a very, very (very very very) stressy lady. We've basically had in ingrained into our brains to feel guilty every time we're doing something which isn't revision, hence the lack of outfit posts etc. BUT ANYWAY, as well as revision, i've been cramming as much art work into my life as possible, as my deadline for my graphic communication course is this friday (trying not to think about that too much though, it'd just be unhealthy for me), and these are a few of the images i took earlier on today to represent 'winter'. Do you think i managed it? One of my projects was to do work representing an event, so i chose winter (because it was autumn, and i was looking forward to woolly jumpers and the false impression we have of winter at the time, in reality i was just really cold when it came too it). But now i have to finish the project, and i'm thinking to blend these with other images etc to create an advertising campaign for a winter collection :). Anyway, i've most definitely babbled on enough for now, with a bit of luck you'll be hearing from me soon again, i'll make it my goal to do an outfit a week through my exams! Hope you all are well xoxo