Sunday, 14 August 2011

Today's Outfit:

Lace dress: £10, H&M
T-shirt dress (underneath the lace dress): £6, H&M
Belt: £1, primark
Fake flower: 20p, ikea!
Aww i was feeling really girly today and felt like dressing up for no apparant reason so i put together this lace number and wore it to go food shopping! I was completely over-dressed, but i felt like maybe everyone thought i was heading to a lovely little tea party and they were all jealous of me. Tonight i ended up in my purple leggings and dream-catcher t-shirt though, as i was heading round to one of my best-friends houses with ice-cream as she's just split up with her girlfriend so she needed a good cheer up! It was in the end a really nice night, and it was really great to catch up with the girls instead of being stuck at the boyfriend's house watching man movies and playing xbox! 
I also started my summer illustrated journal today. I started it at the beginning of summer and i've managed to complete about half a month today alone just drawing/writing about the main events (parties/BBQ's/swimming in the river) so tomorrow i shall hopefully spend the whole day on that! :) 


  1. Hehe I love getting dressed up for food shopping and other delights- my house mates used to take the mick out of me for dressing up to go to Sainsburys :p love the dress :) xx

  2. absolutely lovely dress and your bedroom is so pretty :) xxx

  3. Love this outfit! Plus that little Ikea flower is pretty nifty! Brings it together. :) x

  4. Oh wow, I really love your dress!