Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Today's Purchases:

£2.99, AgeUK

£1, random market stall! 

I picked up these today on my little wander around town. I'm going to meadowhall with my mum for school stuff tomorrow so i didn't bother with all the big shops, i just stuck to the charity shops. The market was literally full of people selling there old junk today, but i managed to find some good stalls within it, especially the one i bought this cardi from! There were loads of fair-isle print jumpers etc. and they were all only £1(!), but i've bought so many recently that i just couldn't come up with an excuse to buy them all, and they all seemed kinda dirty and unkept which really put me off. I really need to control my obsession with knitted jumpers/cardi's from charity shops. I've bought 5 this month alone. 


  1. Love the second sweater! Don´t worry you´re not the only one with a knitted obsession!!!!


  2. Wow I love both, sounds like you got some great bargains there! xx

  3. pretty pretty finds. im suffering charity shop withdrawal at the moment and this doesnt help ;)

  4. I love them both, can't believe you got them so cheap! Wish the charity shops around me were better :( x

  5. oh what amazing finds. I'm always happiest when i find cosy jumpers or cardigans! :)

  6. well hey. i love your blog! you also seem to have my knitwear obesession hahaha. i'm going to follow - i love all your outfits.
    please do check out and follow back my blog (if you like it!)
    lots of love Bex X