Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Today's Purchases:

£2.99, AgeUK

£1, random market stall! 

I picked up these today on my little wander around town. I'm going to meadowhall with my mum for school stuff tomorrow so i didn't bother with all the big shops, i just stuck to the charity shops. The market was literally full of people selling there old junk today, but i managed to find some good stalls within it, especially the one i bought this cardi from! There were loads of fair-isle print jumpers etc. and they were all only £1(!), but i've bought so many recently that i just couldn't come up with an excuse to buy them all, and they all seemed kinda dirty and unkept which really put me off. I really need to control my obsession with knitted jumpers/cardi's from charity shops. I've bought 5 this month alone. 

Yesterday's Outfit:

Sheer shirt: £8, primark
Bralet: £3, topshop (sale)
Skirt: £7.99, H&M 
Tights: £3, primark 
Satchel: £6, primark 
Well, worst blogger of the week award definitely has to go to me! So sorry everyone, I started work last thursday and i've been there pretty much 24/7 since. And when i'm not there, i've been either at GCSE results parties or trying to find clothes for school, which seems to be the hardest task ever this year! Today's been my only free day (i'm at work 5-10 though) so i nipped into town earlier to search the charity shops and got a couple of things i'll show you later! I was meant to wear this to a party last night, but it kinda reminded me of the whole 'school girl' thing, which put me off so i changed my t-shirt to a guns 'n' roses one last minute. I didn't have time to take photo's though, so i thought i'd show you these anyway. 
School starts again on monday after about 3 and a half months of holidays, so that's definitely going to be a shock to the system! Although, i'm getting used to waking up at 7:30 because of work, so at least i won't look as tired as everyone else in the morning! Speaking of school, i got A's in both art and graphics so i'm dead chuffed about that. I hope everyone who was collecting A-level and GCSE results got what they wanted! xo

Monday, 22 August 2011

Today's Outfit:

Shirt: £18, topshop
Skirt: £2.99, AgeUK
Satchel: £6, primark 
I decided to wear this skirt today, before i cut it into a shorter version later in the week. All i did today was pop to meadowhall (a shopping centre) with two of my friends, and we ended up spending the majority of the day sat in the cafeteria area talking as none of us had enough money to enjoy shopping. I must admit, i did feel quite awkward wearing such a long skirt, i felt like everyone was looking at me as i was out of my comfort zone, but i'm glad i did it, in a way it gave me more confidence to try out more daring trends.
As you're probably all aware, i've changed my layout too. It's not really perfect, but i feel like it's a step up from what it used to be. I'd love to know what you all think/how i could improve it! :) 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Recent Purchases:

£3, charity shop

£19.99, H&M

£3, matalan

Just showing you some bits i've picked up recently and not had time to show you guys. These trousers are so perfect, they're an 8 and they fit me so well! (i'm about a size 12, i'm 5"9 and have really long legs so 8's are usually at my ankles). I didn't think a photo of them laid on the bed did them justice so i had to try them on to show you. 
Also, i'm going to cut this skirt to the length it is in the 2nd photo, as the longer length just doesn't suit me. I've always thought long skirts suit curvier, shorter people for some reason, i just think they look more proportional in them whereas i just look a bit stupid! I don't want it ridiculously short like the rest of my skirts though, i think if it reached me knee's it'd still look quite dignified. 
Oh, and this skirt was just a spur of the moment buy earlier when i went to matalan for underwear shopping (needed white bra's for wearing shirts at 6th form, how boring!). I'm a sucker for anything aztec print or similar, and only £3! 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I have no photo's to go with this post, so you can have a photo of my face. This is what happens if you put your sunglasses lens in front of your camera lens. How cool? 
Anyway, wednesday i got the call from asda to confirm i'd got the job, which was absolutely brilliant news! My introduction days are thursday and friday, which kinda sucks as it means my mum's gunna have to collect my GCSE results as i'll be at work, but it's worth it! 
Yesterday my boyfriend went on holiday (again!) so i'm a bit lost for this week, but i've managed to makes loads of plans with my girls, which just means i don't have much time for outfit photo's some days so sorry for being so absent! 
Also, i was talking to a girl who volunteers at a local charity shop and she owns an online vintage clothing site and facebook , with all clothes priced really cheap to say they are all vintage pieces. I'm hoping to take part in a fashion show to show off the clothes in November so it'd be great if you could check her shop out! (UK shipping only, sorry!) 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Today's Outfit:

Shirt: £2.99, AgeUK 
Skirt: £6.99, H&M 
Belt: £1, primark
Duffle bag: £5, primark 
Sorry for not posting in a while, my life has/is jam-packed, but i'll update you on everything that's been happening as this is a really quick post before i head to a girly sleepover! I wore this to catch up with one of my friends in town today, and i had a wonderful time. The weather is so confusing atm though! Hence, the big thick denim shirt and flimsy skirt. Anyway, i hope you all have a wonderful night and i'll update more after gay pride tomorrow (i'm going to support my best friend). 

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Today's Purchase's:

£2.99, AgeUK

£3.99, AgeUK

£2.99, AgeUK

£1.30, AgeUK

£6.99, H&M

£2.99, British Heart Foundation

 £2.30, British Heart Foundation

(they're currently down to my knee's so i'm going to alter them to look like this!) 

Guess who's been shopping again! I swear, i have a really unhealthy problem and no matter what i do i just can't help but spend spend spend. I also have an unhealthy addiction to cable knit jumpers. When i see them in charity shops i just go crazy haha. I'm convinced my favourite charity shop just makes a little collection of them for when i pop in, which is literally every weekend! I am completely in love with everything i bought today! I saw another cable knit jumper for a fiver which i can't stop thinking about now, i just couldn't think of an excuse to buy 3 jumpers in one day. The grey skirts for school and it's just perfect, i'm so excited for winter! :)
(i'm sorry if this paragraph seemed a bit erratic and hyper, i'm being fulled by energy drink today)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Today's Outfit:

Crop top (cut-up vest): 50p, primark
Skirt: ?, primark (sorry i bought it years ago)
Satchel: £6, primark
Today i met up with 3 of my friends, then later went to my boyfriends. It was a nice day, it was just nice to be out and about and act like a 16yr old, messing about in the fields, rather than being all serious and mature. I had no idea what to wear today, so i ended up wearing this and an over-sized cardigan (i never take the photo's in my cardi cos' it makes me look really over-sized and drab). This outfit didn't really photograph great, i look all podgy and my make-up looks all over the place but oh well! Hope you've all had a great day :) The sun's made a reappearance here so i'm making the most of my summer wardrobe while i can! 

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Today's Outfit:

Lace dress: £10, H&M
T-shirt dress (underneath the lace dress): £6, H&M
Belt: £1, primark
Fake flower: 20p, ikea!
Aww i was feeling really girly today and felt like dressing up for no apparant reason so i put together this lace number and wore it to go food shopping! I was completely over-dressed, but i felt like maybe everyone thought i was heading to a lovely little tea party and they were all jealous of me. Tonight i ended up in my purple leggings and dream-catcher t-shirt though, as i was heading round to one of my best-friends houses with ice-cream as she's just split up with her girlfriend so she needed a good cheer up! It was in the end a really nice night, and it was really great to catch up with the girls instead of being stuck at the boyfriend's house watching man movies and playing xbox! 
I also started my summer illustrated journal today. I started it at the beginning of summer and i've managed to complete about half a month today alone just drawing/writing about the main events (parties/BBQ's/swimming in the river) so tomorrow i shall hopefully spend the whole day on that! :) 

Today's Outfit:

Vest: £4, primark
Skirt: £5, primark
Belt: £1, primark
Bag: £5, primark
Bracelet: £1.50, primark
Leaf/feather (?) necklace: £1.50, primark
Bead necklace: £1.50, my boyfriends nan made it 
Wow! A very primark heavy outfit, i don't think i've worn anything this primark heavy in months. It's time i whip out the charity shop buys again it seems. I wore this today to meet up with a friend, and we ended up going to meadowhall for a little browse of the shops. I didn't buy anything though because i'm completely skint! I ended up going to the boyfriend's tonight as well, and i can't believe how warm it still is at the minute. I walked home at half 11 and i was still warm enough just wearing this and a cardigan, yet looking outside it looks like the middle of winter! I guess that's just england for you, so unpredictable. 
I'm in love with these 2 necklaces atm, i think they look great together and just add so much more to a simple outfit! So glad i've 'discovered' my love for jewelry again. 

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Recent Purchases:

£14.99, H&M 

£5, H&M 

 £1.50, primark

£10, primark 

 £4, primark

 £4, primark

 £5, primark sale

 £5, H&M

 £2, primark

 £2, primark

 (leggings) £6, primark

£1.99, H&M 

£3, primark

I'm sorry for this being quite a hefty post, i ended up buying quite a lot the other day as you can see! My favourite things have got to be the two graphic t-shirts from H&M, i was honestly in shock when i saw them! You know when you're shopping and you see an item that perfect that you just stand still and stare at it for a while? Or maybe that's just me.. 
i really love all the jewelry as well. It's been ages since i've bought any as i can never be bothered with the queue's purely to buy a little ring or something, but these 3 items are all lovely, i haven't had the bracelet off my wrist since i bought it!