Monday, 1 August 2011

Today's Outfit:


Jumper: £14, next
Shirt: £2.49, charity shop
Shorts: £2.99, charity shop
Satchel: £6, primark 
I've had this jumper almost 2 years now and i must wear it at least once a week! It's one of those colours that suits my skin-tone really well and it's just really easy to wear. I love it with my new shirt (unfortunately the detail didn't show up in the photo's). I'm wearing this to go meet my friends later.

Also, i'm seriously stressing over what to wear for my interview on thursday! It says 'smart/casual, no trainers', so i was thinking my black jeans/leggings from primark (they've got the button like jeans do and everything, they're just not made of denim, they're made of this leggingy/elasticy material?!), a cotton white shirt, my brown brogues and a cardigan? I don't know, i'm just worried the trousers are too tight, but i never wore school trousers so i don't own a pair.. I'll post a photo of the outfit tomorrow, and i'd love to hear your thoughts/advise. 


  1. that jumper is such a fab colour! looks gorgeous with the shirt collar out :)

  2. i scrolled straight to the bottom to see where the jumper was from ;) You look lovely xxx

  3. I love the jumper! :D it's adorable ^^

  4. love the jumper, it really does suit you! That outfit sounds like it would be perfect! x

  5. love the jumper with the cute collar poking out! the outfit for the interview sounds perfect x

  6. Hi, thanks so much for the follow! I'm loving your blog, and your outfits! That is such a cute jumper:)

    xx Carina

  7. lovely outfit, the white collar looks perfect. Don't stress too much, as long as you look well put together you'll be fine, sounds like the outfit will be ideal! x