Tuesday, 4 December 2012

04.12.2012 - art coursework preview

I'm sure you've all forgotten i exist by now it's been that long, but i'm here to give my pathetic excuses and show you a small part of the reason for my absence. Right so it seems it's only right to update you all and list said excuses, so here goes. 
1. school is hard. I'm in my second year of a-levels now and oh lord I am feeling the pressure! When i've finished school/the 4 or 5 hrs of coursework i do each night, i only just have the energy to lie in bed with my candles and music, nevermind blog.  
2. Everything creative currently scares me, due to the fear of not getting into uni/ the big bad world, and therefore everytime i try to do something creative (blog/get dressed etc) I just think i'm not good enough to succeed in a creative career and therefore stop doing said activity straight away. 
3. I split up with my boyfriend of two years and was too sad to look pretty and blog and write happy thoughts (I'm alright now though, who needs men when you can have candles and a bed instead? hibernation is the way forward) 
4. the below images kind of took over my life and i took to dressing others and editing their faces instead of my own. For one of my projects i've chosen to design the advertising campaign for a shop 'translate', and so far have the images below. 
anyway, EVER so sorry for that mini essay, I'd love it if you could let me know what you think of these images though, i must thank my beautiful friend sophie for making them look so good, who came runner up in a modelling competition in tatler magazine (!!!!) previous this year.  

Sunday, 19 August 2012

19.08.12 - sunday summary

1. dinner at harvester after snowboarding yummy 2. outfit for shopping 3. 3kg of icing sugar, why do we have that much?! 4. boyf looking good before my party 5. made a cake for my friends 17th 6. new phone case woo (urban outfitters) 7. feeling anxious the night before results day (got BBBD though so yay) 8. pretty walk down sprotbrough river 9. outfit for sheffield in the sun 10. re-did all my tech work on photoshop instead of by hand 11. tie-dyed tops! 12. me and da boyf

Friday, 10 August 2012

10.08.12 - outfit of the day

vest: 50p, primark
skirt: £1, charity
shoes: £20, garage
satchel: £6, primark
So i wore this to town today (more shopping, shame on me) and now I have the worst blisters from these shoes, typical! But i did enjoy wearing this because i felt a bit out of my comfort zone wearing the shoes with the skirt and stuff, yeah i dunno it's good to stretch how far you'll go with fashion.
I'm in such a good mood today because the boyfs back from mallorca and we have a party tonight where i'll be seeing him so totes excited! and i'm going for dinner with one of my besties at m&s soon so all round good day! xo

Thursday, 9 August 2012

09.08.12 - outfit of the day

shirt: £3, charity
shorts: £3, charity
sunglasses: 50p, primark
shoes/creepers: £20, garage
socks: £1, H&M
Proper loving this weather/this outfit woooo. Also, was getting super annoyed with my old photo location (bedroom) and wanted to take them outdoors and i'm really liking taking them down here in my garden because i can get more of the outfit in and it's just better, but alas it'll probably start raining soon but i'll make it work! Oh and i'm finally trying to break my pretend creepers in. I bought them months ago and wore them to school and got the worst blisters ever all over my feet, but i'm adamant on breaking them in now! 
Also, what do you think of the bigger photos? Personally I always prefer a blog with larger photos and when i figured out how to do it myself I was so proud! But let me know whether you're a fan or not :) xo

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

07.08.12 - back to school

back to school

Oh polyvore, it's been too long. I'm not usually one to crave, or even tempt myself by looking at expensive beautiful clothing, but tonight I gave in and created what would be my back to school, autumn/winter wardrobe if i won the lottery tonight. My dress code for school is business dress in black, grey white and navy although i tend to throw on either cranberry or forest green with it to gvie it a pop of colour. Although there is a significant amount of highstreet among this too, a lot of it costs more than I make in a year, but a girl can dream.
Now I give myself the challenge of re-creating this from *cheap* highstreet (primark/H&M/newlook) and charity!  

07.08.12 - recent purchases

coat: £30, primark
scarf: £1.99, charity
leather: gift (£30), zara via ebay
dress: £5, primark
tee: £8, primark
bag: 7.50 euros, portugal market stall
shoes: £7, H&M
phone case: £12, uo
ring: 15 euros, portugal market stall
brooch: free, dad dug it up in the garden

wow it's not until i decide to blog about what i've been buying recently that i realise how bad I am! This is about a quarter of everything i've bought recently, my bedroom's stacked high with carrier bags of stuff i haven't even worn/ put away yet, oops! 
But i'm planning on buying a new camera soon because i'm really not happy with the quality of the photos my current one takes, and starting A2 graphic communication in september it really would come in handy (so i'm gunna have to quit spending so much on clothes). I'm currently looking at the Nikon D3100 (I don't want to spend over £500), if anyone has it I would love to know if it's any good, or of any other DSLR's that are on the cheaper side :) xo

Saturday, 4 August 2012

04.08.12 -Portugal 2012

I've recently got back from a week in Portugal with my mum, and the weather was just gorgeous, and actually getting a chance to wear summer clothes was pretty great too! These are just some photos i took on my phone but it shows most of what i got up to, beach, cocktails, getting dressed up etc. I'm already so so excited to go on holiday with my girls next year, but we still need to decide where to go, so if anyone has any good recommendations (think cheap, cheerful and lots of partying!) then please let me know :D 
Since getting home i've constantly been wearing baggy jumpers, leggings and autumnal colours and patterns thanks to the British weather, but i'll be sure to get back into the spirit of summer and make some outfit posts soon! xo 
ps. sorry for not posting for 2 months, oops! The bad weather dappened my spirits and the outfits just really weren't worth showing! 

Monday, 4 June 2012

04.06.12 -recent purchases

Recently i've become really obsessed with earrings, they're the only piece of jewellery that doesn't irritate me or annoy me when i wear them haha! And i think they can completely change an outfit, dress it up, or down, or just generally add to the outfit and look. I'm really digging ear cuffs atm too! I've currently got 3, but i've found the river island ones are so much comfier/easier to wear than the topshop ones, again, hating on the quality of topshop products! Anyway, hope all you brits out there have had a wonderful bank holiday celebrating the jubilee, personally i've been stuck in work all day :( xx

Friday, 1 June 2012

01.06.12 -outfit of the day

tee: £4, primark
skirt: £2.99, charity
shoes: £8, new look
satchel: £6, primark
This is what i wore to the curry night last night, and by the end of the night was pretty much popping out of it with the amount i ate! so worth it, as always when it comes to indian takeaway. Today's just a chill day before the party tonight, so i'm currently making use of the speakers my brother got me for my birthday and blasting out a bit of two door cinema club. Also, one of my friends bought me the book 'the bell jar' by Sylvia Plath for my brithday, so i'm planning on starting reading that today! If any of you have already read it, i'd love to hear what you thought about it :) xo

Thursday, 31 May 2012

31.05.12 -outfit of the day

jacket: £30, zara (via ebay)
tee: £15, ark
skirt: £1, charity
satchel: £6, primark
shoes: £8, new look 

HOLLAAAAA! My last exam was tuesday (which also turned out to be my birthday) therefore i am now a free lady and can finally show all you fabulous people what i've been wearing! 
I'm tempted to do a 'recent purchases' post soon, but honestly i've bought that much recently that it'd be ridiculous! So i figured i'd just show you all the new stuff through outfits :) (all of the above is new, other than the bag and shoes!) But anyway, i'm absolutely loving the midi and maxi trends at the moment, and i am fully embracing them, regardless of the weather conditions (aka. although it was peeing it down all day today, i still wore a floaty summer skirt), but they really are lovely for summer! Much nicer than the usual shorts/pants i usually spend my summers in, much more comfortable, and keep me much cooler! 
Anyway, i'll be sure to post again soon, we're having a curry night at my friends tonight, so i'll have to get some quick snaps of my outfit before i go! xo

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

02.05.12 -art work

Just letting you all know, do not panic, I am still alive. Ever so sorry about not blogging in forever, it's 16 days until my first exam and i'm a very, very (very very very) stressy lady. We've basically had in ingrained into our brains to feel guilty every time we're doing something which isn't revision, hence the lack of outfit posts etc. BUT ANYWAY, as well as revision, i've been cramming as much art work into my life as possible, as my deadline for my graphic communication course is this friday (trying not to think about that too much though, it'd just be unhealthy for me), and these are a few of the images i took earlier on today to represent 'winter'. Do you think i managed it? One of my projects was to do work representing an event, so i chose winter (because it was autumn, and i was looking forward to woolly jumpers and the false impression we have of winter at the time, in reality i was just really cold when it came too it). But now i have to finish the project, and i'm thinking to blend these with other images etc to create an advertising campaign for a winter collection :). Anyway, i've most definitely babbled on enough for now, with a bit of luck you'll be hearing from me soon again, i'll make it my goal to do an outfit a week through my exams! Hope you all are well xoxo