Sunday, 31 July 2011

Song Of The Week:

Keane: With Or Without You, live lounge. 

I'm think i'm going to make this an on-going thing from now on, each sunday i'll post my favourite song from that week. I just love to see what music other bloggers listen to, i think it gives a good picture of what kind of person they are. 
Also, i reached the 50 followers mark today! Thankyou all so much, i'm so happy with how well my blogs doing, and how much i've achieved in the short time i've been doing it. It genuinely makes me really happy to gain followers/recieve comments/have people view my blog, and you're all so lovely! So yeah, massive thanks to you all :) xo 

Today's Outfit:

T-shirt: £5, primark men's
Shorts: £1.99, charity shop
Shirt: £2.99, charity shop
Satchel: £6, primark
My boyfriends finally back from the lake district in about an hour, so i'll be spending my day with him! It's felt like it's been months since i've seen him, not just a week, but that's probably because i was used to seeing him everyday beforehand. 

Also, i was wondering what people thought about my blog layout. As i'm nearly at the 50 mark for followers (not inc. blog lovin'), i was thinking about maybe making one of those personalized headers that most people seem to have. I'm not sure how i'd do it yet design-wise or program-wise (i don't have photoshop or anything, just paint) so i think i might be better just to stick to how it is, so that it doesn't end up looking tacky. Let me know what you think! xo

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Today's Purchase's:

T-shirt: £5, primark
Shirt: £2.99, charity shop
Leggings: £6, primark
I swear once i start shopping i just cant stop! For weeks now i just haven't been able to find anything i like, and now suddenly in the space of 2 days i've bought 6 things, and i love all of them! This is the shirt i mentioned yesterday. For some reason this morning my mum gave me £20, because, and i quote "You're a good daughter and deserve some secret rewards now and then", bless her. So i popped into town today and snapped it up before anyone else did. The colours are more accurate in the close-up photo, it looks quite ghastly in the other. And yes i know, i'm just living up to the whole 'hipster' label with the triangles on the t-shirt, i just really liked it, and wasn't going to let something like that stop me from buying it. 
Has anyone else started planning there A/W11 wardrobe yet? I feel so bad as it's still july, and i feel like i'm wishing the sun away (i'm really not, i love it!), but i just cant help planning what i'm going to wear! I fell in love with these boots in H&M today, perfect for winter. 

Yesterday's Outfit:

T-shirt: £2, charity shop
Shorts: £2.99, charity shop 
I wore this to a party last night and i'm just so in love with this t-shirt! I felt really nice and different to how i usually look in it, and i just really loved my charity shop spree yesterday! It was a really great party, a lot of my friends were on holiday, including my boyfriend, so there were only about 25 of us there, compared to the usual 50 or so. It just meant that it was more intimate and i was able to get closer to people i weren't necessarily that great friends with before. I also found out that one of my boyfriends best friends has an interview for asda on thursday at the same time as me, so i'll be competing against him for the job! 

Friday, 29 July 2011

Today's Purchase's:

Shorts: £2.99
Shorts: £1.99
T-shirt: £2
Shirt: £2.49, all from various charity shops 
I'm so in love with everything I bought! It was all so cheap as well! There was this amazing patterned denim shirt that I also wanted, but i only had £10 on me, so i couldn't afford it. Looking back now, i wish i'd have got that instead of the shirt, but i'd already bought that. Oh well, i'm happy with what i got! And who knows, maybe the denim shirt will still be there next time I pop in. 
I think i'll wear one of these pairs of shorts and the printed t-shirt to the party tonight, but i've not 100% decided yet. 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Today's Outfit:

T-shirt: £10, zara
Shorts: £5, matalan
Satchel: £6, primark
The weather today was gorgeous, so i spent the day sat on the grass at the local park with some of my friends. It was a really great day, so simple yet enjoyable. I forgot to put my sun cream on though, so i now have a sun burnt right leg, left arm and back! Oh the joys of having fair skin and burning easily :(
 I'm going to a party tomorrow night as well, which i'm really happy about, as being in the sun always puts me in the mood for being with all my friends and partying :') Hope you've all had a great day! 

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Today's Outfit:

Denim shirt: £8, primark
Shorts: £19.99, H&M
Satchel: £6, primark

I wore this tonight as i went to Cleethorpes for fish and chips with my mum and dad. We went to Steels if anyone's ever heard of it? It's gorgeous! I'm not really sure why my mum insisted on driving an hour just for fish and chips but i wasn't complaining. 
Exciting things that have happened to me recently: Today i got an email from asda saying i have an interview for a job there!! This is the best news i've received in forever as it means i'm no longer going to be poor! (if i get the job, fingers crossed). And also, it was mine and my boyfriends 1 year anniversary yesterday :') but unfortunately he's away so we're going to go out for a meal again sometime once he gets home on sunday! 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Today's Outfit:

T-shirt: £1, primark
Shorts: £15, topshop 
Bag: £8, primark

I wore this to go to the seaside today, and what a lovely day I had! The weather was pretty murky this morning, so i got loads of dodgy looks from everyone getting the bus in short shorts this morning, and from the people in brid who were all in anoraks and jeans. Oh well, the sun came out later and we had an absolutely amazing day. There were 20 of us who went, and we just chilled on the beach all day, went for a swim in the sea twice (painfully cold!) and went on the speed boat a few times. Now i'm absolutely shattered. What is it about going to the seaside that tires you out so much? Must the all the fresh air that i'm not used to! 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Today's Outfit:

T-shirt: £7.99, H&M
Lace Cycling Shorts: £2.99, H&M
Bag: £10, Arctic Monkeys gig 
Sunglasses: £2, Primark

I had a bbq with my friends today using a disposable bbq and just chilled in the sun on a field. It was a nice day, relaxing and just nice to be in company! I'm going to brid tomorrow for the day so that'll be really good! Tonight i'm going to paint my nails and get my bag ready as i have to be at the train station for 9 tomorrow! It's gunna kill me. I'm thinking mint green nail polish for tomorrow? Hope you've all had a good day! xo

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tramlines 2011:

Yesterday i went to tramlines festival in Sheffield and it was such a good day! A group of about 12 of us went, and we headed straight to the main stage. There it was just full of little girls strutting round in head to toe skimpy topshop clothes, with bright orange faces, lovely. And in the crowd near the stage were just loads of nut cases starting fights and pits when their wasn't even anyone on stage! So we eagerly left there and went down to the reggae stage, which was full of middle-aged hippies, and it was amazing! We got a few beers from a guy outside spar (shady i know) and chilled on the grass in the sunshine at the reggae stage until 9. 
Oh, but whilst walking around Sheffield we walked past the police cordoning off a pile of blood from where a guy we later saw had got glassed in the face, nasty! 
Oh the last photo's are of my friend 'planking'. Maybe you've heard of it? The people around us seemed pretty amused by it as well! 

Today's Outfit:

Shirt: £8, primark
Shorts: £2.99, charity shop
Satchel: £6, primark
Loafers: £12, primark 

The weather's been gorgeous today! I'm so happy it's finally stopped being rainy and miserable and that it actually feels like summer again. My boyfriend went to the lake district today so i've just spent my day moping around the house feeling sorry for myself and coming to the realization that i don't have many friends available to make plans with :') It was just me and my dad in this afternoon though so we put some chicken and mushroom kebabs on the bbq and had dinner in the sunshine, so that was really nice. Yesterday i went to tramlines festival in Sheffield so i'll post some photo's from that later!