Monday, 28 January 2013

28.01.2013, school outfit of the day

shirt: £3, george@asda (sale)
shirt: £3, charity 
vest top (underneath): 50p, primark/DIY 
necklace: £2, primark 
earrings: £1.50, topshop 
bag: £4, primark 
shoes: £25, garage 
Hey guys, this was today's outfit for school. I bought this shirt in august last year on a bit of a whim, and have been wanting to wear it the past couple of weeks purely because i haven't actually took it out the wardrobe since. I think it was one of those things of a tried it on really quickly straight after buying it, and no doubt had a lack of make-up/bloated belly from it being late at night, and therefore didn't really like it, and have avoided it since. BUT, i really liked this outfit today, and got quite a few compliments on it, so it is definitely going in my top 5 shirts list now! I also like the colour, as i usually stick to dull colours or black/white/grey, and therefore it was nice to add a bit of colour to an outfit! 
Now it's time to put my lovely uniform on and go be a good little asda employee for 5 hours! Oh well, at least it funds my shopping habits.  Hope you all have a much better evening than i will! x 

Friday, 25 January 2013

25.01.2013, outfit of the night

Dress: £12, bliss
Earrings: gift 
Hello lovelies, this is quite a simple outfit in terms of amount of clothes/layers etc. but this is my very unwise choice for tonight! Despite being completely bunged up with cold and the snow falling outside again, i have made the somewhat stupid choice to go out (well i suppose you could say it wasn't really my choice and i was basically bullied into it, but then again i didn't put up much of a fight). 
Whenever i go 'clubbing', i always choose to wear pencil skirts, or dresses as i think they manage to look classy, keep a bit more leg warm, and still manage to give that sexy vibe necessary to get into the clubs without ID (tut tut). Also, i feel they suit my figure really well as my legs are quite disproportionate to the rest of me, and super short skirts just highlight this even more. Anyway, enough of my ramblings, hope you all have/are having a lovely night, and that hopefully the snow has left you alone, unlike me :( x 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

23.01.2013, outfit of the day

jumper: DIY/primark, £6
skirt: £3, charity
scarf: £3, charity
bag: £20, internacionale
earrings: gift 
shoes: £25, garage
Hey guys, this was today's outfit, quite thrown together and i guess slightly 'frumpy' but i was warm so i don't mind! I think this is my favourite scarf at the minute, really brightens up an outfit and looks nice with my parka as well, an essential anytime i leave the house in this weather :( That said, the snow is starting to melt, so hopefully that'll be it for this year, fingers crossed anyway! The talks about bbq's, picnics and drinks outside at the pub have slowly taken over all conversations and i am so so overly excited for summer, and much more so, my 18th birthday, only 4months left to go, not that long at all right..? 
Tonight my only plan is to check out the new morrissons that has opened near me, i know i know, such an exciting life! Got to check out the competition though right, being a loyal asda worker. Hope you're all well x   

Monday, 21 January 2013

21.01.2013, school outfit of the day

jumper: £3, charity
shirt: £3, charity
dress (worn as skirt): £8, H&M
bag: £20, internacaionale
shoes: £25, garage
Hey guys! This was today's outfit for school, lots of layers to brave the snow, which in the space of about 3 days I am already sick of! There's only so many cute snowy instagram photo's I can take before boredom hits in and i decide i want to leave the house without completely freezing. And with the spring collections already starting to hit the highstreet is it bad that I find myself planning my summer wardrobe (which i never actually get to wear since summer doesn't really exist in England) and dreaming of the days I can leave the house without 30+ layers on! 
I'm working tonight, a lovely 5hr shift in a freezing cold supermarket is always a real treat in this weather, but I hope you all have a much better evening! x

Saturday, 19 January 2013

19.01.2013, outfit of the day

dress: £5, primark 
fur: £13, H&M 
bag: £20, internacionale
shoes: £25, garage
earrings: gift
ring: £2, miss selfridge 
Hello everyone! Just to start off with, thankyou for being so cute with the comments i've had since starting regularly blogging again, you guys are the best! Today I had to face the snow/mush to nip into town, but I am now safely tucked up in bed again, considering if i brave it and go out tonight, or just make my excuses and socialise with the local pizza takeaway instead, hmm decisions! 
This dress will always be one of my faves, i love the length and casualness of it, with it at the same time having quite a 'cool' look, and so simple to dress up or down depending on the occassion. The fur was probably my most annoying purchase of the season, i ran to the tills with it in H&M, not fussed by the £13 price tag then a couple of weeks later had to mark down  about 30 of the exact same thing to £4 at work, so if you want fur go to your nearest asda immediately! Hope you're all well x 

Friday, 18 January 2013

18.01.2013, school outfit of the day

dress: £6, river island
shirt: £3, charity
bag: £15, internacionale
shoes: £25, garage
earrings: gift
nacklace: £2, primark 
Hey guys, this is what i wore to school today, i bought the dress last night in meadowhall, and although it's a size 18, i just couldn't put it down! It's such a lightweight material that it'll be really handy in summer to just shove on, and it works well in this pinafore style for school. It does make me look quite chunky because of all the excess material but ah well, i like it! 
In other news, it's snowing yay! Aww the snow's so beautiful I just want to sit in the window and watch it all night long, it even manages to make Doncaster (where I live) quite pretty, and that is definitely an achievement! Hope you're all enjoying the weather too, hopefully from indoors with the help of hot chocolate, it's definitely not as fun to be out in x 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

16.01.2013, outfit of the day

 jumper: £8, H&M
skirt: £1, charity
belt: £1, primark 
bag: £3, charity
shoes: £20, garage

Hello! Seeing as though i go to 6th form five days out of seven and then either work, in my ghastly uniform, or get straight into my pj's afterwards, i thought to keep the blog going i'd show you what i wore to school :) this was today's ensemble, I quite liked it, i felt really posh, or like i should be at a private school, maybe it was because of the printed skirt? Then along with the new specs i got mistaken for a member of staff by two teachers but i'll just take that as a compliment! Ooh in other excited news, i now have offers back from all my uni choices, yay! Hope you've all had a lovely day x 

Monday, 14 January 2013

14.01.2013, outfit of the day

Dress: £3, charity
Scarf: £2, charity
Shoes: £25, garage
Bag: £12, primark
Necklace: £2, primark
Hey lovelies, this is what i wore to school today and had one of thhose 'i look fabulous' days, yno where you just feel really good in yourself all day? Also all my teachers told me i look nice, my language teacher using the word 'glamorous' which was so super cute! Anyway, i must dash because i'm going to learn to drive for an hour then time for work, much love x 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

13.01.2013, outift of the day

tee: £3, new look
skirt: £10, river island

shoes: £25, garage
earrings: £2.50, topshop 
This is the outfit i wore out last night, being about 5"10 i don't tend to wear heels unless i'm going 'clubbing' and even then it's with great reluctance. I just went to a local bar called 'vintage rockbar', it has a really chilled laid back vibe so i suppose that comes in handy with the whole not liking heels thing. Also, i'm really into these pencil skirts at the minute, along with a pair of bridget jones pants they work wonders for my figure and the long length keeps legs warmer than usual in the winter weather! 
Today i have, much to my dismay, been stuck at work all day, and now it's time to cuddle up and catch up on last weeks hollyoaks, hope you've all had a lovely weekend x