Saturday, 6 August 2011

Yesterday's Outfit:

Shirt: £18, topshop
Skirt: £8, H&M
Satchel: £6, primark 
Firstly, sorry for being such a bad blogger the past few days! I've honestly been busy 24/7 since i last posted! Thursday i had my interview, and let's just say the only thing that was successful was my outfit. Competing against adults is just really unfair. It was a group interview rather than personal one's, and the adults spent the whole time making 'adult jokes' (jokes to do with alcohol) with the interviewers, meaning all us 16year old's didn't get to join in. Oh well, they might surprise me and give me the job! Then thursday night, i decided to be brave and have 30 of my friends round for a party. The last photo sums up the night in one. 
Back to the outfit, i wore this last night to go out to an Italian restaurant with my boyfriend and two of our friends. I bought the skirt about 3 years ago from H&M in bath, but it was one of them with the big black elastic waist so i never really wore it. However, i've now discovered that if i tuck the elastic in and wear a belt it looks a bit like the paberbag skirt trend, brilliant! 


  1. Hello Kerry!
    I'm a danish girl who's going to London this Autumn, and i wondered if you had some favorite charity stores you could recommend to me?

    You're welcome to visit my blog!
    xoxo Johanne.

  2. Lovely outfit and it looks like you had a good night on Thursday! x

  3. love the outfit!!! the skirt is awesome :)


  4. love the skirt!Xx