Monday, 8 August 2011

Today's Outfit:

Jumper/shirt: £20, the new vintage shop in town 
Shorts: £2.99, charity shop
Satchel: £6, primark

I'm so in love with my new jumper! It's honestly the comfiest thing i've ever wore, and the fact my boyfriend treated me too it, so i didn't have to fork out £20 makes it even better! Saying that, £20 is an absolute steal to say it's Lyle and Scott heritage! I'm wearing this to go meet my friend's later as it's one of their 16th's. I'll post about the present i bought/made for them later! I've also got back into my drawing a bit today, and i forgot how much i love it. I swear i just zone out completely when i'm drawing/painting. I'll have to share some with you soon. 
Oh, great news! The interview that i thought went terrible was actually a success! They rang me earlier, and although i sounded like a bloody idiot on the phone, they've invited me to the next stage of the interview on thursday! Ah, i'm so happy about this, if i get the job then I wont have to put a stop to my obsessive shopping! 


  1. Oh i love your shirt ! i like your blog,

  2. That top is a brilliant find! Good luck with the next interview stage :)

  3. Ah thats such a bargain, I'm jealous! You look lovely and congrats on getting through to the next interview stage! x