Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Today's Outfit:

Shirt: £6, primark
Shorts: £3, charity shop
Socks: £1.50, primark
Brogues: £8, primark
Duffle Bag: £5. primark
Sunglasses: £2, primark 

Its my prom tomorrow and i'm so excited!!!!! Prom's different to most at our school, we all go into school in the morning and 'walk the red carpet' then school puts a show on for us, then we get limo's to a different venue where we have the whole 'prom' bit, then at night we have our own parties. I'll be sure to get loads of photo's which i'll post on friday :) 
Today i nipped into town, then went up to my boyfriend's to advise him on whether or not to wear braces with his suit :') Hope you all had a beautiful day!  

Today's Purchase's:

Shirt: £3.99, charity shop 
Jumper: £2.99, charity shop 
False Eyelashes: £1.99 & £2.99, dazzle 
Nail Polish: £1.50, dazzle

I popped into a charity shop whilst in town today and i just couldn't leave without the jumper and shirt.They're both verging on hideous but i absolutely love them! Especially the shirt. Its kinda sheer and just fits really nice. The jumper will be lovely and warm in winter too.
The false eyelashes are for prom tomorrow, i've never worn them before and had no idea what kind to get so i got both of these and i'll try them both out today, then decide which look best.. I can tell that this will probably end badly and i just wont wear them.. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Today's Outfit:

Shirt: £2, charity shop
Shorts: £10, primark 
Satchel: £6, primark
Shoes: £19.99, office 
I spent my morning practicing how i'll have my make-up for prom, then i tried my dress and shoes on again, and i'm just so excited! It's all i can think about. It was the first time i'd got my shoe's out in about 2months as well, and i'd forgotten how much i love them! They're only a small heel because i'm 5"9 and all my friends are tiny, but they're just perfect. Anyway, today i'm getting my nails done and going round to my boyfriend's so it'll just be a relaxed day. I'm missing the sun already though, I enjoyed the mini-heatwave so much. 

Monday, 27 June 2011

The weather was beautiful again today so we took full advantage and went swimming in the river nearby. The weather's kinda grotty and it's freezing cold but it was so fun! We then went back to my friend's house and sat in the garden until 10, where we found out that prom's been put back on! :D the governor's and parents committee at our school basically bullied the head into letting us have it so yeah! I'm so happy about it! We spent the rest of the day talking about plan's for the after-party and organising how much booze etc. we'll get and where we're gunna camp out so I'm in such a good mood now! Unfortunately i don't have any outfit photo's from today as i was dressed for swimming and sun (basically meaning i looked like a scrubber). Hope you all had a good day!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

The weather today was amazing! This means that i spent the whole day outdoor's in minimal clothing, which means no lookbook photo today, and no blog posts until now. Oh well, everyone's allowed a bit of time off. I spent the day with my boyfriend, we had a bbq at mine then walked the mile to his house and sunbathed there the rest of the day. These are just some photo's we took throughout the day that i thought i'd share with you. Again, sorry about the constant use of the film grain effect, it just makes such a simple photo look good!  

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Today's Outfit:

Jumper: £20, urban outfitters
Shirt: £18, topshop
Shorts: £15, topshop
Loafers: £12, primark
Satchel: £6, primark 

Finally an outfit that contains clothes which aren't from primark! Although saying this, both the jumper and shorts are sale items, and my mum bought me the top. This is why i'm trying, and failing, to get a job. It seems nobody wants 16 year old's without any work experience :( 

Today's Purchase's:

Shorts: £15, topshop sale 
This morning i had to pop into town to buy a container for the chocolates for my friend, a birthday card and a cupcake box/container from the market, and decided to spend the rest of the £30 voucher my auntie got me for christmas on these shorts. I'd been looking at them on thursday but didn't buy them in the end, only to get home and realise they'd look perfect with the sleeveless shirt i bought, for the after-party of prom on thursday. At only £15, i couldn't leave them, especially considering i'd been looking at them before the sale and commented on how i'd buy them if they were cheaper. I guess you could say it was fate. I also bought some floral knickers to round the price up to £17 as that's how much i had left on the card. There's nothing better than buying new pants! 

Today I went to the park with all my friends as it was one of their birthday's. The weather was really nice, although quite windy, so it felt all summery and nice. These are just some photo's I/my boyfriend took. I really like the 'film grain' effect my camera has, so i decided to leave it on that setting for today. I made my friend some chocolates for her birthday using some molds I got with a fondue kit. I used white and milk chocolate, and cut up some nuts, fudge and marshmallows to put in them. I also used edible glitter and omg they looked amazing! Its such a cheap and lovely idea, and my friend loved the fact they were home-made! So gutted i didn't get a photo of them. :(