Saturday, 31 March 2012

30.03.12 -my week in school outfits

So this is going to be a new weekly post now that i've got the trusty iPhone, and my beloved instagram, basically just every outfit i've worn for school this week, because i do really enjoy getting dressed for school, but i never make outfit posts on it because i don't have time to take the photo's in a morning, i'm always late as it is haha! I'll always throw in an image of my fave after-school outfit too, just to keep the numbers equal :) so let me know what you think! 
Today i'm going to the market to get some fabric for my product design project, and seeing as though i have to walk through town i'll no doubt have some new clothes to show you later as well! :) xo

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

28.03.12 -outfit of the day

(^ignore the weird pose but i looked skinny in an outfit for once, yaaaaaay!)

Tee: £3, new look
Skirt: £1, charity (came with matching top)
Sunglasses: 50p, primark
Belt: £1, primark
Really really loving this outfit, and i'm obsessed with this length skirt at the minute, bye bye ridiculously short skirts! I wore this tonight just to pop to some shops with the mother, and ended up getting some really lovely bits from TK maxx (photo in the instagram photostream to the right). Finally got my mits on a version of the magnetic nail polish as well! Also, how gorgeous was the weather today?! oh my gosh, i could get so used to this! Spent the whole afternoon sat outside on the school field (i had frees, don't worry!) reading the company high street edit with my legs out, my very very pale legs. Might have to use fake tan for the first time in my life... 
Anyway, it's bedtime now for me (at 10:30, shameful), i'm shattered! Hope you've all had a lovey evening and made the most of the sun like I did! xo

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

27.03.12 -outfit of the day

Tee: £2.99, charity
Shorts: £3.50, charity
Sunnies: 50p, primark
Eeeeeeh! Sun = happy kerry, and also minimal clothes/no jackets/ looking skinnier because of less layers which also = happy kerry. This is my new all time favourite tee, and i have worn it every day at some point for the past 5 days (it's been washed in between i promise!) Love the shape, love the pattern, love the price! I also picked up some other bits this weekend so i'll be sure to get some snaps of them soon! 
Also got the instagram widget for my blog yday, so now you can see all my snaps down the right hand side (mostly of myself, vain vain vain), and also i need people to follow! So let me know your usernames if you have instagram too :) 
That's it for tonight folks, chilling watching Perez Hilton superfan atm after eating much too food at the bbq earlier, of the woes of having a brother who's a chef

Monday, 26 March 2012

26.03.12 -outfit of the day

Vest: £12, zara (the underneath layer of a lace dress)
Skirt: £3.99, charity
Pretty simple outfit for tonight, it's been loveeeeely weather in Doncaster (awful place still) so i decided to do my coursework in the garden and take advantage of one of my many newly collected floaty midis. Also, i kinda figured they look better with a tighter top, otherwise i just look too baggy, but seeing as though i NEVER wear vest tops, this was all i could find. I think it'll take a while for me to get used to it, i felt so weird in it haha! 
Anyway, i'm currently watching Burlesque (possibly the greatest film since Pretty Woman) so i'll keep it short and sweet :) hope you all have a lovely rest-of evening, and enjoyed the extra hours sunshine, i certainly did! xo

Sunday, 25 March 2012

25.03.12 -my week in photos

1. Yummy brekkie made by the mother (strawberries with rhubarb yohgurt, and ice tea) 2. Editing an outfit post 3. Check out da iPhooone! 4. Vain moment before the dog walk at my cuz's 5. Army of ladybirds at my aunties house! 6. Sunset on the drive home from Stafford.
*i will figure out how to make this into a grid thing soon
*when i say week i actually mean weekend this week, seeing as i only bought my iPhone yday.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

24.03.12 -outfit of the day

Blazer: £7, charity
Playsuit: £13, primark (+DIY on the sleeves) 
Hello everyone! Sorry for the slight break i took, my AS art deadlines in a weeks time and i'm stresssssin'! But i figured rather than stop blogging to do more work, i'll do both as blogging makes me happier, logical right?! 
But anyway, wore this today to go to town to get.. wait for it... an iPhone!!!! woooo i have finally updated myself and joined the rest of the world after having the same brick for the last 3yrs! This also means instagram, which i am already well and truly hooked on, so if you too are a user, then i'm klhopscotch and you can now see what i'm doing/wearing at pretty much every minute of the day haha! 
Anyway, me and my bro are driving up to my cuz's in stafford for the weekend now, so no outfit post tomorrow, but i'm sure i'll take lots of wonderful instagram pics to share when i'm home haha! Have a lovely evening xxx 
*ever so sorry about the hyper/manic sound to this post, just how i'm feeling currently!*

Saturday, 10 March 2012

10.03.12 -art work photoshoot





Just a few of the photo's from a photoshoot i did on wednesday to do with stereotype.! I'm quite pleased with the outcome, i feel these kind of photo's do depend completely on the model, so many thanks to my friends for all being so gorgeous! My work atm is to do with society today and conformity/body image and i'm really enjoying it :) I should be back to outfit posts monday with a bit of luck, just been having a bit of an 'off' week in terms of fashion, basically i've been living in leggings and baggy band shirts all week haha! 
Hope you've all had a lovely day, work all day tomorrow for me so i'm making the most of doing nothing right now haha! xoxo

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

07.03.12 -recent purchases

tshirt: £2.99, charity

shirt:£3, charity

dress:£20 george@asda (free with gift card though -the perks of working at asda!)

tights:£2.50, primark

leggings:£20, topshop

shorts: £3, topshop (sorry about the blurryness!)

skirt:£2.99, charity

skirt:£3.99, charity

Just most of the things i've bought last weekend/the past week. Absolutely love the dress from asda, i wore it to school last week when it was really sunny and i felt like i was out of the 50's haha! so ladylike, and a massive change for me to have my legs covered up rather than my skirts barely covering my bum like usual! Proper love the leggings as well, i'll be wearing them for my boyfriends birthday house party next weekend :)  

Also, recently within my school this has become a craze, and it's something me and my friends have become very passionate about. I would really appreciate it if you all gave half an hour of your time to watch this video and if affected by it, please post about it on your blogs, and let people know!.