Sunday, 14 August 2011

Today's Outfit:

Vest: £4, primark
Skirt: £5, primark
Belt: £1, primark
Bag: £5, primark
Bracelet: £1.50, primark
Leaf/feather (?) necklace: £1.50, primark
Bead necklace: £1.50, my boyfriends nan made it 
Wow! A very primark heavy outfit, i don't think i've worn anything this primark heavy in months. It's time i whip out the charity shop buys again it seems. I wore this today to meet up with a friend, and we ended up going to meadowhall for a little browse of the shops. I didn't buy anything though because i'm completely skint! I ended up going to the boyfriend's tonight as well, and i can't believe how warm it still is at the minute. I walked home at half 11 and i was still warm enough just wearing this and a cardigan, yet looking outside it looks like the middle of winter! I guess that's just england for you, so unpredictable. 
I'm in love with these 2 necklaces atm, i think they look great together and just add so much more to a simple outfit! So glad i've 'discovered' my love for jewelry again. 


  1. Gorgeoussss! I love this outfit, especially the skirt.

    xx Carina

  2. very, VERY cool :D And I love how cheap everything is. Amazing necklaces!

    xxx irinja (