Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Today's Outfit:

Shirt: £6, primark
Shorts: £3, charity shop
Socks: £1.50, primark
Brogues: £8, primark
Duffle Bag: £5. primark
Sunglasses: £2, primark 

Its my prom tomorrow and i'm so excited!!!!! Prom's different to most at our school, we all go into school in the morning and 'walk the red carpet' then school puts a show on for us, then we get limo's to a different venue where we have the whole 'prom' bit, then at night we have our own parties. I'll be sure to get loads of photo's which i'll post on friday :) 
Today i nipped into town, then went up to my boyfriend's to advise him on whether or not to wear braces with his suit :') Hope you all had a beautiful day!  

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  1. really love the top...and I like how you added the socks