Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sorry about the lack of posts so far this week, i've been completely swamped down with exams and revision, but only one more exam to go and i'm free!
Anyway, i'm going to leeds shopping tomorrow, the closest place to me with an urban outfitters and a blue rinse, a vintage shop (although i'm not really a massive fan of these, i think they just charge ridiculous prices for clothes out of charity shops. Saying that i'll still go in and no doubt fall in love with everything.) so i'm pretty sure i'll have plenty of purchases to show you! Friday i'm finally getting my bedroom decorated as well, so that should mean a much better backdrop for outfit posts! :)
Here i was just messing about with the ever so hipster space effect. I do think it looks good, although i refuse to use it on facebook and tumblr because i know i'll get 100000 hipster hate comments.


  1. Love your outfit! how'd you get the "hipster" effect on it? I really love it!XXX

  2. basically i googled space images then blended the 2 images using :)
    It sounds a lot harder than it actually is xo