Saturday, 25 June 2011

Today's Purchase's:

Shorts: £15, topshop sale 
This morning i had to pop into town to buy a container for the chocolates for my friend, a birthday card and a cupcake box/container from the market, and decided to spend the rest of the £30 voucher my auntie got me for christmas on these shorts. I'd been looking at them on thursday but didn't buy them in the end, only to get home and realise they'd look perfect with the sleeveless shirt i bought, for the after-party of prom on thursday. At only £15, i couldn't leave them, especially considering i'd been looking at them before the sale and commented on how i'd buy them if they were cheaper. I guess you could say it was fate. I also bought some floral knickers to round the price up to £17 as that's how much i had left on the card. There's nothing better than buying new pants! 

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