Thursday, 23 June 2011

Today's Purchase's:

Sleeveless shirt: £12, topshop sale
Leopard print tights: £1, topshop sale (!) 
Compact mirror: £6, accessorize
Lipstick: £1.99, dazzle
Max Factor Smokey Eye Eyeshadow: £7.99, superdrug

Today I had an interview for a 6th Form at half 10, so i decided to take advantage of being awake and dressed early and popped into town. I had to get a birthday present for one of my friend's so i got her the gorgeous compact mirror, chocolates and card. The card is so lovely, it says 'Like sunshine on a rainy day, friends remind us how beautiful the world can be'. Isn't that just the cutest?
 I also dropped on because it was the first day of the topshop sale meaning everything was still new and not picked over! I was so happy to find the shirt 'cos wanted it for a while now, and also tried on several playsuits, none of which suited me :/ And i couldn't resist the tights for £1! 
The make-up's for prom next thursday, as i have no make-up skills what so ever so i thought the smoke eye stick looked really easy to use. I got it in Bronze Haze, so hopefully it'll be quite a subtle look. 
Then the magazines etc. are just because my boyfriend gave me a £5 WHSmiths voucher to use up!

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