Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Yesterday's Purchases:

So the top photo, the cardigan, is from my all time favourite charity shop in my local town centre. Its a gorgeous forest green colour and only cost me £3.49! I couldn't believe my luck, i'd been looking at one similar from Ark a few days back but at £22 i didn't think it was worth it.
The shorts are also from a charity shop, a new one i found, but were a bit too long so i've folded to legs up. They fit lovely round my waist though! They were £2.30 as the label shows, i'm so chuffed with them!
I also bought one of my weekly magazine's 'look', and it came with a free 50page marie claire sample which has some really fascinating stuff in! the clothing way out of my price-range though.
The last photo isn't really a purchase, but my wallpaper samples which came in the post today! I think my favourite's the 2nd one in from the right but i'm not sure. I love them all!

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