Sunday, 19 June 2011

What I bought:

trousers: £10, primark
Dress: £5, primark
T-shirt: £6, primark
Socks: £1.50, primark
Birthday ribbons: £1, primark
Shoes: £19.99, office
Finally i've been shopping! Gosh, i've been craving it for so long. I went to leeds on thursday, then meadowhall on friday and bought these. I cant believe how expensive the highstreet is at the minute though! As you can see, other than the shoes, i bought everything from primark, because it seems that thats the only place i can afford other than charity shops now :( I went into topshop and saw loads of gorgeous(!) clothes, but everything was £30 or more for some skimpy shorts or a see-through top. I just really don't think its worth it. I wish i was rich!

Sorry about the creased trousers and dress, they're both that material that just creases within 5minutes. But the dress is gorgeous! i absolutely adore it, it reminds me of greek goddess style clothing, and was only £5 out of the bikini cover-up section. Its not see-through or anything though, so i'll definitely wear it casually.
And i absolutely love the little birthday ribbons, I've never seen anything like that before, they're absolutely adorable!

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