Friday, 24 June 2011

 Today i went to work with my mum 10 - 2, selling cupcakes. We didn't sell many unfortunately, but i still had a nice time. The last photo is part of the letter my school posted about the cancellation of prom :( It was about  4 pages long, and frankly was a load of bullshit. They're still managing to open the school for yrs 7-10 but aren't teaching proper lessons (so a waste of time really), but cant put leaver's day on as well. I think they got their priorities in the wrong order :( We do still have a party kinda thing 12 - 6 though, and then the after-parties at night, both of which were organised by us, not my useless school. But the school tradition of walking the red carpet at school and the teacher's putting a show on has been cancelled. At least i do still get to wear my dress, seeing as it cost my mum £180!
Apologies for how angry this post is, that's unfortunately just how i'm feeling right now! I'm going for an indian later though, for my friend's birthday, so that should cheer me up :) No idea what to wear though!   

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