Monday, 20 June 2011

Today's Outfit:

Tassled top: £8, primark
Denim shorts: £14.99, H&M
Duffle bag: £5, primark
shoes: £19.99, office
I'm wearing this to a picnic/bbq at cusworth gardens tomorrow with all my friends. The top's not actually mine, its one my mum bought for a dress-up night she was going to, but i absolutely love it, so its mine now.
Today i've done nothing, other than cook some food and lie around watching tv. I hate days like this, but everybody was busy. My last exam's tomorrow morning as well so really i should have revised for that, i just don't have the motivation. I'm happy to say that in 16hrs i'll never have to do another GCSE again, and i'll never have to go back to my secondary school! (other than for prom next thursday)


  1. I have that top too but have no idea how to wear it, really love the way you've styled it thoughxxx

  2. i found it really hard to style as well, so thankyou! xo