Sunday, 26 June 2011

The weather today was amazing! This means that i spent the whole day outdoor's in minimal clothing, which means no lookbook photo today, and no blog posts until now. Oh well, everyone's allowed a bit of time off. I spent the day with my boyfriend, we had a bbq at mine then walked the mile to his house and sunbathed there the rest of the day. These are just some photo's we took throughout the day that i thought i'd share with you. Again, sorry about the constant use of the film grain effect, it just makes such a simple photo look good!  


  1. Love your outfit- great photos! x

  2. The grain (and these in general) are beautiful! x hivenn

  3. I love your style, beautiful!
    I've just started a new blog, could you please follow me? I followed you too (:

    Here is the link:


  4. Thankyou! It means a lot :) xo