Friday, 1 July 2011

Today's Outfit: Prom!

Dress: £180, dressed by ks 
Shoes: £20, barratts 
Bag: £20, clarks 
I had such a wonderful day yesterday! I felt gorgeous in my dress and absolutely everyone looked amazing. Unfortunately i don't have any photo's of my outfit from the night-do but i'm pretty sure some awful drunk photo's will be put up on facebook later which i'll be able to post here. I got home at about half 12 this afternoon after spending the night trying to sleep on a wooden floor in a cabin, and have just woken up from an accidental nap feeling rather groggy, but i guess that's what you've gotta put up with if you want a really good night! Later i'm going to a scary movie night at my friend's house, that's if i can pull myself from my bed! I'm probably going to start reading my new book in the garden as well or something, because i hate that i'm wasting the sun! 


  1. You look just lovely , your dress is great and your hair is beautiful :)

  2. wonderful photos!! you look so beautiful and that dress looks stunning on you <3

  3. that is such a beautiful dress...i love dressing up!!!

  4. thanks! :) me too, i wish i got more chance to dress-up! xo