Friday, 24 June 2011

Today's Outfit:

Cropped shirt: £10, topshop 
Leggings: £5, primark
Bag: £10, arctic monkeys tour 09 
Loafers: £12, primark

I ended up wearing this to go for an indian, as i left it really last minute to get ready, and tried on 10000 different outfits and just gave up last minute, panicked about missing my bus and threw this on. My bus ended up being 15minutes late though, so that was really annoying. The outfit ended up being a bit of a bad choice in the end as well, because the curry meant i had a big bloated belly on show to everyone, and clearly visible here! (i took these photo's when i got home). 
Here, i've just been messing around with settings on my camera, and i tried using the 'pin hole' setting and the 'film grain' one. I do quite like the film grain one though, It makes everything look better. Apologies for how dark the photo's are though, it was all miserable and dingy and rainy when i got home, so the lighting was dreadful.  

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