Thursday, 23 June 2011

Today's Outfit:

Jumper: £1.99, charity shop
Shorts: £5, matalan
Loafers: £12, primark
Sunglasses: £1.50, primark
The weather was absolutely awful today and we recieved the awful news that prom's cancelled because of the union strike next thursday :( so i needed to lighten my mood by dressing like it was a glorious day and i was at a festival or something, rather than just lounging around at my boyfriend's house. I didn't wear this to town earlier however, as i was going to the charity shop's (there was just nothing to be found today though) and they're all in the 'rough' part of town, so i like to cover my body up so i don't get any pervy looks or the disapproving looks from the old ladies working in them. 


  1. love the outfit,especially the loafers & shorts. Such a shame about your prom xx

  2. in love with the jumper, so jealous! is the prom completely cancelled or is it being rearranged? If it's cancelled that's horrible ):

  3. aaw thankyou!
    Well we still have the after-parties at night but the whole 'prom' bit during the day, which includes the teachers is cancelled xo

  4. I have these shorts (L) Matalan is amazing at times. Such a cute laid back outfit! Thank you for following my blog - means so much!