Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Today i was sorting through my stuff making piles of stuff to keep and throw ready for moving back into my room but kept getting so distracted by everything! I found this scrapbook i made 2yrs ago for an art project as well as these books, one of which i haven't read yet. I also found just loads of loose photo's of mine i've printed and not used for art projects, as well as loads of keepsakes. It all got me thinking and my creative mind started getting out of control as it does so often, so i'm thinking of making another scrapbook with all my spare time i have until i start school again. It'd be nice to see how my art style and skills have changed/improved in 2yrs as well. 
I also got bullied into drawing my boyfriend whilst at his today and it just restarted my love for art and drawing. I cant wait until october when i get my art projects back and can show you guys! 

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  1. If you're into scrapbooking/art journalling I'd recommend getting a moleskine. They're quite expensive, but I bought one and I love it to pieces, I bring it everywhere with me and I do journal entries as well as just random doodling(: