Thursday, 21 July 2011

Today's Outfit:

 Dress: £12, primark
Cardigan: £3, charity shop
Shoes: £19.99, office
Bag: £5, primark 

I wore this to go see harry potter and go for a meal today. I usually just live in shorts and tee's so i kinda felt a bit over-dressed but i enjoyed it. Harry Potter was good, but not as good as i thought it was going to be. Everyone hyped it up so much, that i had really high expectations. Nevertheless it was a great movie. 
My bed came today as well! I cant put into words how much i love it/hoe beautiful it is! I'm just so thrilled with it, i'll be sure to post a photo first thing tomorrow once the lighting's better. 


  1. again, love the dress! and the shoes are nice :)
    i really liked harry potter! the end was good, with the 19 yrs later haha x

  2. Looking forward to seeing the bed! Am redecorating as we speak so I've gotten all nosey about how other people have decorated their rooms!!
    Haven't seen potter yet so am lowering my expectations so I don't get upset and disappointed..
    Gorgeous dress, btw! xoxo

  3. The dress looks really pretty on you! I thought HP was good, it was hyped up a lot though. xx

  4. Aw you look lovely, your hair looks great! xx

  5. really love this outfit! gorgeous cardigan, from a charity shop too! X X