Thursday, 7 July 2011

Today's Outfit:

Shirt: £3.99, charity shop
Shorts: £15, H&M
Brogues: £12, primark
Duffle Bag: £5, primark 

Today i went to ikea in Leeds with my mum, not really expecting to buy much, and we ended up spending £305! Admittedly, it was mostly on stuff that I needed for my bedroom (dressing table etc.) but still, i didn't expect to buy anything, i was just going for the meatballs everyone raves about! Anyway, i'll post about that later. 
Today, other than ikea, i had a lovely chat with a bus driver and have thought about packing. I'm saving it until tomorrow though, i'll procrastinate a while longer seeing as it's what i'm best at. I've also got to go round to my boyfriend's tomorrow and 'help him pack' which basically means i'll be doing it for him, but i don't mind, it'll get me more in the holiday spirit! On Monday my brother and his girlfriend went to Corfu for a week, but they're coming up to Scotland to meet us on Tuesday when they get back which is great as i haven't been on holiday with my brother in 4 years and we're really close. Hope you've all had a great day :)  

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