Sunday, 3 July 2011

Today's Outfit:

Dress: £7.99, H&M
Cardigan: £3, charity shop 
Duffle Bag: £5, primark
Shoes: £19.99, office
Sunglasses: £2, primark 

Sorry about the lack of photo's/the awful background, my dad was in my bedroom all day painting so i couldn't get in to take the photo's where i usually do. Good news though, it's all painted now and looks absolutely beautiful! I'm just waiting for my wallpaper to arrive, so i can have my one wall wallpapered, then all painty/decorating parts will be finished, and it'll be just a matter of waiting for my bed to arrive (2 weeks to go! ), buying new furniture, curtains, a light and w/e other bit and bobs i want, then arranging it all to look pretty! I'm so excited to see the final outcome and move back in! 
On saturday I'm going away to Scotland for a week with my family and boyfriend so i'm really excited about that as well! I haven't even thought about packing or what i'm going to take because prom just consumed my mind for the last couple of months, but i'll be sure to do the whole 'photo of suitcase' post, then get loads of outfit snaps for you whilst i'm away! It's also a really pretty place where we're going, out in the woods, over-looking a lake, staying in a log cabin so my photographer mind will be in it's element! 
Today i'm going to sunbathe and finally start my new book! Hope you all have a wonderful day xo