Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ikea and Krispy Kreme!

Flower and vase: £1
Pan: £3.99
Bedding: £40
Dressing table: £182
Bedside table: £40
Stool (to go with dressing table): £22, all ikea

So here's everything i got from ikea today! I'll openly admit that i've been completely spoilt rotten by my parents recently with everything they've bought for my room, but i'm definitely not complaining! I now have 2 sets of bedding, and i love them both so much, and now i have no idea which one i'll use most the time, and which will be the 'spare'! And i just love the pattern on the pan. My family is constantly buying kitchenware and the latest 'gadgets' as my brother's a chef and my mum has a cupcake business so i thought i'd join in and buy my own pretty pan! 
Also, i was so excited by the krispy kreme cafe/drive-thru near ikea! It was brand new and so busy, but I forced my mum to get some doughnuts from the drive-thru and i chose the butterscotch fudge one. It was delicious! and they came in a box and god i was so excited by it all! I still am now just thinking about it! Right then, i'll stop rambling now! well done if you read all this :) 


  1. I have that bed side table, hehe :) x

  2. love love the dressing table, ikea <3 I can see you`re very excited with them ! also, i love love Krispy Kreme <3 ahha nice pics =)))