Friday, 29 July 2011

Today's Purchase's:

Shorts: £2.99
Shorts: £1.99
T-shirt: £2
Shirt: £2.49, all from various charity shops 
I'm so in love with everything I bought! It was all so cheap as well! There was this amazing patterned denim shirt that I also wanted, but i only had £10 on me, so i couldn't afford it. Looking back now, i wish i'd have got that instead of the shirt, but i'd already bought that. Oh well, i'm happy with what i got! And who knows, maybe the denim shirt will still be there next time I pop in. 
I think i'll wear one of these pairs of shorts and the printed t-shirt to the party tonight, but i've not 100% decided yet. 


  1. Love the detail on the shirt's collar! x

  2. Love all of these and such good bargains! x

  3. lovely purchases !!
    new follower :)

    and you are so lucky to find in charity shops clothes that are true to your size, in my town all of them have baggy clothes , rarely do I see a petite blouse or some small denim shorts.