Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wallpaper: £53 for 2 roles,
Lamp: £15, dunelm 
Clock: £5, dunelm
Bedding: £25, dunelm 

Ok, so these pictures just really don't do my wallpaper justice, but you can check it out on the website here. I really cant wait to get it up on my wall and get some photo's of it, i've just got to pester my dad to do it for me! It was so expensive though, £50 for one wall of wallpaper? crazy! 
I love the clock and lamp as well, they're so cute and my bedding was a steal at only £25 in the dunelm half price sale! God, just talking about it all makes me so excited for it to be finished so i can move back in. Not long until my bed arrives now :) 


  1. what beautiful decor. it looks amazing, I want to renovate my room too!
    i love the clock and the sheets!


  2. beautiful wallpaper! Love the clock and lamp too,makes me want too re-do my whole bedroom aha xxx