Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It seems i have a bit of what you could call 'bloggers block' atm. I just don't feel inspired, and have no idea what to post. It seems outfit posts are the preferred type of post, but atm i don't have anywhere to set up to take them as my room is completely empty now meaning there's no ledges to set up my mini tripod on, and i don't like asking others to do it as i feel a bit silly. I also really miss scotland and having beautiful scenery all around me. Back in Doncaster everything's so grey and awful looking, to be quite blunt, and the weather's just been so miserable since i got back on friday night. It's actually rained everyday! This also means my outfits and just boring and covered up. Sorry to moan so much! 
On the bright side, my bed's coming tomorrow! And i'm also going to see harry potter and go to the all you can eat chinese in Sheffield tomorrow, yay! Also, i'm been contemplating it for a while now, but i've decided i'm definitely going to buy a full size tripod from ebay for outfit posts. I just feel it'll benefit me, and ofc the blog, really well, and it means i'll still be able to take the photo's in my room once i've moved back in. 

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