Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Today's Outfit:

Dress: £15, primark 
Bag: £5, urban outfitters
Socks: £1.50, primark
Shoes: stolen from my mum

I didn't actually wear this out today, it's too dressy for me, i was just practicing outfits for Scotland because i was bored. This morning i went to the 6th form taster day but it just wasn't the school for me so i left at lunch and got the bus home. At least now i'm certain of which 6th form i want to go to! 
My wallpaper also arrived today which i am so excited about! It's even more beautiful in the roll's than the sample was. So inspired by this, later on i'm going to post all the purchases i have for my room so far, then tomorrow i'm going to ikea to see if there's any bargains i need, and because believe it or not, i've never been before! Hope you've all had a great day so far :) 


  1. Hello I really love your dresses or outfit <3 I definitely fall in love with you ! You say your dress is dressy for you, but you look so natural I think. =)
    Looking forward to see more new look of yours <3

    kisses SHIKI.

  2. aaw that's so nice thankyou! :)

  3. Aw the dress is lovely + I can't wait to see your wallpaper x

  4. Hi hun, thankyou for following my blog. :)

    Love this dress, the colour is gorgeous, Primark have such lovely clothes in at the moment don't they? :) xx

  5. No problem, it's a great blog :)
    They do, i'm spoilt for choice whenever i go in there now. It's a nuisance that the price's are going up though! xo

  6. I really like this dress! I saw it a couple of months ago for the summer campaign from primark but didnt find it in the store. it looks great on you x