Monday, 28 January 2013

28.01.2013, school outfit of the day

shirt: £3, george@asda (sale)
shirt: £3, charity 
vest top (underneath): 50p, primark/DIY 
necklace: £2, primark 
earrings: £1.50, topshop 
bag: £4, primark 
shoes: £25, garage 
Hey guys, this was today's outfit for school. I bought this shirt in august last year on a bit of a whim, and have been wanting to wear it the past couple of weeks purely because i haven't actually took it out the wardrobe since. I think it was one of those things of a tried it on really quickly straight after buying it, and no doubt had a lack of make-up/bloated belly from it being late at night, and therefore didn't really like it, and have avoided it since. BUT, i really liked this outfit today, and got quite a few compliments on it, so it is definitely going in my top 5 shirts list now! I also like the colour, as i usually stick to dull colours or black/white/grey, and therefore it was nice to add a bit of colour to an outfit! 
Now it's time to put my lovely uniform on and go be a good little asda employee for 5 hours! Oh well, at least it funds my shopping habits.  Hope you all have a much better evening than i will! x 


  1. In love with your blog because I love a cheap find- now a follower :)
    Style With Friends

  2. I really like the layering here, and that skirt is lovely, great print! xx

  3. Now I really want you to marry me.

  4. Love this combination of colour and print! Gorgeous xx

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