Friday, 18 January 2013

18.01.2013, school outfit of the day

dress: £6, river island
shirt: £3, charity
bag: £15, internacionale
shoes: £25, garage
earrings: gift
nacklace: £2, primark 
Hey guys, this is what i wore to school today, i bought the dress last night in meadowhall, and although it's a size 18, i just couldn't put it down! It's such a lightweight material that it'll be really handy in summer to just shove on, and it works well in this pinafore style for school. It does make me look quite chunky because of all the excess material but ah well, i like it! 
In other news, it's snowing yay! Aww the snow's so beautiful I just want to sit in the window and watch it all night long, it even manages to make Doncaster (where I live) quite pretty, and that is definitely an achievement! Hope you're all enjoying the weather too, hopefully from indoors with the help of hot chocolate, it's definitely not as fun to be out in x 


  1. I love the dress! it doesn't look that chunky on you in the pictures, I think it looks great! ^^

    Fashionably Sparkly

  2. You honestly have such an amazing style, some of the things I've seen you've worn I'd have never thought to look at at style the way you have but now it's defo an inspiration! You find the best charity steals, maybe I should head over to Yorkshire for the charity shops! (So glad you're back blogging again, missed you eek!)

    Olivia xxx