Wednesday, 23 January 2013

23.01.2013, outfit of the day

jumper: DIY/primark, £6
skirt: £3, charity
scarf: £3, charity
bag: £20, internacionale
earrings: gift 
shoes: £25, garage
Hey guys, this was today's outfit, quite thrown together and i guess slightly 'frumpy' but i was warm so i don't mind! I think this is my favourite scarf at the minute, really brightens up an outfit and looks nice with my parka as well, an essential anytime i leave the house in this weather :( That said, the snow is starting to melt, so hopefully that'll be it for this year, fingers crossed anyway! The talks about bbq's, picnics and drinks outside at the pub have slowly taken over all conversations and i am so so overly excited for summer, and much more so, my 18th birthday, only 4months left to go, not that long at all right..? 
Tonight my only plan is to check out the new morrissons that has opened near me, i know i know, such an exciting life! Got to check out the competition though right, being a loyal asda worker. Hope you're all well x   


  1. So amazing! love the textures!