Monday, 21 January 2013

21.01.2013, school outfit of the day

jumper: £3, charity
shirt: £3, charity
dress (worn as skirt): £8, H&M
bag: £20, internacaionale
shoes: £25, garage
Hey guys! This was today's outfit for school, lots of layers to brave the snow, which in the space of about 3 days I am already sick of! There's only so many cute snowy instagram photo's I can take before boredom hits in and i decide i want to leave the house without completely freezing. And with the spring collections already starting to hit the highstreet is it bad that I find myself planning my summer wardrobe (which i never actually get to wear since summer doesn't really exist in England) and dreaming of the days I can leave the house without 30+ layers on! 
I'm working tonight, a lovely 5hr shift in a freezing cold supermarket is always a real treat in this weather, but I hope you all have a much better evening! x


  1. Great outfit, your jumper was such a good find! :) We only had one day of snow where i am, but that was quite enough for me!

  2. beautiful outfit!love the jumper!

  3. love the cosy jumper, nice layering! I'm fed up of the snow already.. xx

  4. Love the jumper, it looks so so cosy! x

  5. I love love love your jumper! I can't believe it's only £3 and from a charity shop. x

  6. you look adorable! this is such a lovely outfit, i love your style <3

  7. Great outfit, it looks comfortable but still very stylish! xx