Wednesday, 6 February 2013

06.02.2013, outfit of the night

tee: £10 topshop 
leggings: £12, H&M
court shoes: £6, primark
bag: £7, primark 
earrings: gift 
necklace: £3, primark 
Sorry for having a week of guys, my SD card for my camera broke, and i had to wait until i could buy a new one to blog, because i couldn't take any photos :( anyway, this is what i wore saturday night to a partaaay and then town, and i really loved it, so i thought i'd recreate it especially for you all today! These leggings are my new favourite all time obsession, the minute i put them on i somehow feel sexy and mmm, they're just the perfect fit (and that NEVER happens), and for only £12, you can't go wrong really, oh H&M, you've done me proud! And the velvet pattern is just perfect, oh i think i'm in love. 
Enough legging ramblings anyway, I was just wondering if you guys prefer to use flash for your outfit photos or not? For the most part i choose not to because it createa shadows, and changes colours slightly etc. but i feel that the quality is a lot better if i do so it's a bit of a predicament, so any tips on how to improve the quality/whether or not to use flash would be very much appreciated, hope you all have a fabby night! x


  1. Nice outfit. The leggings look amazing x

  2. Awesome outfit! Those leggings are a good find!

  3. I love your necklace, can't believe it's Primark!xx

  4. I think the photos look good and so does this outfit! x

  5. Love the leggings! you are lovely.


  6. I have nominated you for the liebster award on my blog Style With Friends
    Just thought I would let you know- I don't expect you to do a post on it just hope it gets you some more deserved followers. Would love it if you could answer the questions though because I asked ones I was really interested in finding the answer to :)

  7. I love your style and you are so pretty! I found you through Sian Deciantis's blog! I'm so glad I did:) I'm your new follower. Please return the favor:)