Wednesday, 16 January 2013

16.01.2013, outfit of the day

 jumper: £8, H&M
skirt: £1, charity
belt: £1, primark 
bag: £3, charity
shoes: £20, garage

Hello! Seeing as though i go to 6th form five days out of seven and then either work, in my ghastly uniform, or get straight into my pj's afterwards, i thought to keep the blog going i'd show you what i wore to school :) this was today's ensemble, I quite liked it, i felt really posh, or like i should be at a private school, maybe it was because of the printed skirt? Then along with the new specs i got mistaken for a member of staff by two teachers but i'll just take that as a compliment! Ooh in other excited news, i now have offers back from all my uni choices, yay! Hope you've all had a lovely day x 

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  1. looks good :) i'm really happy you started blogging again, i quite like your blog! fan from munich :)