Sunday, 13 January 2013

13.01.2013, outift of the day

tee: £3, new look
skirt: £10, river island

shoes: £25, garage
earrings: £2.50, topshop 
This is the outfit i wore out last night, being about 5"10 i don't tend to wear heels unless i'm going 'clubbing' and even then it's with great reluctance. I just went to a local bar called 'vintage rockbar', it has a really chilled laid back vibe so i suppose that comes in handy with the whole not liking heels thing. Also, i'm really into these pencil skirts at the minute, along with a pair of bridget jones pants they work wonders for my figure and the long length keeps legs warmer than usual in the winter weather! 
Today i have, much to my dismay, been stuck at work all day, and now it's time to cuddle up and catch up on last weeks hollyoaks, hope you've all had a lovely weekend x 

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