Saturday, 12 January 2013

12.01.2013, outfit of the day

tee: £1, charity
trousers: £18, M&S (i know, shocked me too)
creepers: £25, garage
jacket: gift from work (asda)
earrings: gift
hat: £2, primark 

 I AM BACK! hey guys, sorry for taking a very pro-longed break, basically i just wasn't happy with the quality of my images/blog and therefore took a break long enough to save up to buy a better camera and yesterday was xmas pay day, and therefore I bought myself a beautiful Canon EOS 600D, and it is fabulous! and therefore i now promise to blog every week, as from just one outfit shoot i have rekindled the love! And hopefully over time my blog can now progress to the level i want it to be at :) 
Also, since today's little photoshoot, i have so much more respect for all other bloggers, who make taking good angled/not weird looking outfit photo's look easy! Hopefully over time i will get the hang of using a tripod! ( oh and this was just the outfit i wore to nip into town to buy said tripod earlier today
also wanted to show you all my new glasses (i now have to wear reading glasses, although i'm happy about this because i think they're cute) and my kinda new nose piercing :)  hope you've all been well xx

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