Wednesday, 28 March 2012

28.03.12 -outfit of the day

(^ignore the weird pose but i looked skinny in an outfit for once, yaaaaaay!)

Tee: £3, new look
Skirt: £1, charity (came with matching top)
Sunglasses: 50p, primark
Belt: £1, primark
Really really loving this outfit, and i'm obsessed with this length skirt at the minute, bye bye ridiculously short skirts! I wore this tonight just to pop to some shops with the mother, and ended up getting some really lovely bits from TK maxx (photo in the instagram photostream to the right). Finally got my mits on a version of the magnetic nail polish as well! Also, how gorgeous was the weather today?! oh my gosh, i could get so used to this! Spent the whole afternoon sat outside on the school field (i had frees, don't worry!) reading the company high street edit with my legs out, my very very pale legs. Might have to use fake tan for the first time in my life... 
Anyway, it's bedtime now for me (at 10:30, shameful), i'm shattered! Hope you've all had a lovey evening and made the most of the sun like I did! xo


  1. wow! hermosa falda! la ame!

  2. Lovely outfit. I've started to love midi skirts lately, which isn't great condsidering my height, but they're so good for this kind of weather! You find so many nice things in charity shops, my ones aren'y as great :( x

  3. This skirt looks gorgeous, very jealous it's a one-off! Love the sunnies too =) xx