Sunday, 25 March 2012

25.03.12 -my week in photos

1. Yummy brekkie made by the mother (strawberries with rhubarb yohgurt, and ice tea) 2. Editing an outfit post 3. Check out da iPhooone! 4. Vain moment before the dog walk at my cuz's 5. Army of ladybirds at my aunties house! 6. Sunset on the drive home from Stafford.
*i will figure out how to make this into a grid thing soon
*when i say week i actually mean weekend this week, seeing as i only bought my iPhone yday.


  1. lovely pictures!

  2. what does klhopscotch actually mean?

    1. erm haha well my full names Kerry Louise Hopkins hence the K&L, and because of the hop in hopkins, someone called me kerry hopscotch about 4years ago, and it just kinda stuck haha! :D xx