Monday, 5 March 2012

05.03.12 -outfit of the day

Tshirt: £3, charity
Skirt: £4, charity
Pumps: £4, primark 
Belt, £2, primark 
Haven't actually worn this out yet, i've got no plans for the night, so i figured i'd play fancy dress with the clothes  i got this weekend. This skirt i picked up from a charity shop, but i think i'm going to cut it short because it hangs quite heavily, so i imagine it'd be nicer to wear short -and i haven't got many short skirts. 
Signed up to do the silver award for duke of edinburgh today, so i'm currently really excited for that! (even though the main walk isn't until the end of semptember, and i really don't know what i was thinking -7hours of walking a day for 4 days, and sleeping in a tent without a shower/make-up/ pretty clothes, sounds like a nightmare!) but we've got a good group and it's sure to be a laugh! A chance to get my belly nice and toned too haha! Also organising yr11's prom for my volunteer work so that's going to be very, very excited! eek! 
Anyway, hope you all have a lovely rest-of evening, i might go do some baking now! xoxo


  1. nice skirt. i think i have got the same. nice outfit, as always :)